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             Welcome To

                            ABRAMOVITZ & DOYLE INVESTIGATIONS






                About our Company

Abramovitz  Investigations is a licensed New Hampshire private investigations company. We pride ourselves on providing our clients the highest degree of professional service no matter what they need.

We use state of the art equipment to provide you with the best possible results to your investigation. As it is important not only that your investigator have the knowledge to get the investigation completed successfully but also the tools needed to perform the best investigation possible.

While we can never guarantee the outcome of you investigation we can guarantee that it will be preformed to the highest standards, and that we will attempt everything possible within the constraints of the law to get you results to answer your questions.

We specialize in Criminal Defense, Legal Investigations, Child Custody, and Divorce Investigations & Etc. Below you will see how we can help you and what you should expect in your investigation.

Criminal Investigations

 Our investigators work diligently to interview witnesses, examine crime scenes, collect statements, research backgrounds, and prepare testimony to support your case.

We understand the need to be professional, thorough, accurate, and ethical in order to provide legal and admissible evidence for your case.

We also understand the need to support indigent defense cases and we are proud to do our part to support your efforts.

Civil Legal Investigations 

We help uncover and assemble the information needed for a civil trail.

 Our investigators work diligently to interview witnesses, collect statements, research backgrounds,

Photograph accident scenes, conduct surveillance and prepare testimony to support your case.

We understand the need to be professional, thorough, accurate, and ethical in order to provide legal and admissible evidence for your case. 

Family Investigations:  Child Custody &  Divorce

 The breakdown of a marriage is a tragic event under any circumstances. However, when the financial stakes are high and children are involved, the significance of an effective legal strategy becomes crucial.  Investigation can make or break a case.  Information uncovered during the course of investigation can arm the lawyer with the evidence necessary to gain the desired advantage in any legal proceeding. 

 Our staff of trained professionals approach every case with painstaking attention and detail. We utilize the best, most advanced surveillance equipment available, including concealed cameras, night vision equipment, telephoto lenses and more to produce consistent, quality results.We understand that a divorce or custody action can be extremely emotional.   

Therefore, we take the necessary steps required to maintain an aggressive investigation while also recognizing the emotional distress of the situation. A professional investigation can provide you with the edge you need.

 When you just have to know, we can help. We can provide you with a complete range of quality investigative services. Commitment to Client Confidentiality

Abramovitz Investigations. is a group of experienced professionals dedicated to bringing the Highest quality of service to our clients. We strongly believe in our ethical and legal obligation to protect The clients' privacy. The firms commitment and approach to client confidentiality distinguishes us as a leader in investigations and fugitive recoveries.

By the very nature of our work, we are called upon to manage many of the most personal, private,and Sensitive issues in clients' life.  

 We understand that they expect us to honor the confidentiality of all practices, procedures and information learned during the normal course of doing business. We fully Anticipate to be held to those expectations. In fact, we commit to exceed them. Abramovitz & Doyle Investigations takes seriously its commitment to client's confidentiality and it is truly what sets us apart.  

Abramovitz & Doyle  Investigations also offers the following services

 Civil, Domestic , General & Criminal Investigations, Child Custody Cases, Parental Fitness Investigations,Country, District, Civil, Criminal, Probate, Family Court Checks, Motorcycle Accident Investigations, Background and Business Investigations. Health Care Provider Investigations, Medical and Death Claims Investigations.

Mystery Shopping Services for Retail, Financial, Entertainment, Amusement Parks, Restaurants, Bars & Buffet Shops and etc,

Locate Missing Persons, Public Record Retrieval, Scene Photograph of Accidents Traffic Accident Witness Statements, Surveillance Conducted 24/7, Process Services State of NH.


Abramovitz & Doyle Investigations  & AMK Bail Fugitive Recoveries  Coast to Coast . 

 Whether you are a  Bail Bondsman , Bail Bondswomen , Bail Bond Agency , Bail Bond Insurance Agency or Bail Fugitive Recovery Agency in need of recovery services (or a fellow Fugitive Bail Enforcement Agent searching for a Female Bail Recovery Agent for those special cases that require one), we can help you and we are at your service  24/7  in the New England  Areas and Coast to Coast we never sleep.

 We have  Male and Female Bail Fugitive Recovery agents available 24/7 for  Bail Fugitive Recovery pick ups & Transports (fugitive recovery is not legal in all 50 states. If it's not legal in a particular state, we don't hunt there).

Abramovitz  & Doyle Investigators &  AMK Agents are also available for prisoner transports .

A Retainer is required for all and any of the services we offer.

Please Note:

We do not quote prices over the internet or by e.mail Pleasecontact our office for fees.


Abramovitz & Doyle Investigations & AMK operates in full compliance and cooperation with all local, county, state and federal laws

We are not affiliated with any County, Local, State or Federal Law Enforcement Agency

Office Number: (603) 361-7510

Office Fax: (603)763-7480

For Service 24/7 Contact 

Investigator Taylor (603) 558-1602


Investigator Sylvie (603) 540-0873



Do not attempt to conduct surveillance or any other investigation on your own. Surveillance and investigations  or background checks by anyone other than a licensed professional is considered "stalking" , "invasion of privacy" or many other illegal acts and may carry a fine or even jail time, and can be very dangerous. Also, any evidence that is collected by anyone other than a licensed professional is not admissible in the court of law. 

Jeff  Dumensil  Deputy Chief Investigator

New Hampshire Licensed Private Investigator








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